Apartment Therapy

It's been a while...

I finally moved and am nearly done decorating my new digs. If I had the means, I would probably never be done decorating, but at this point, I've gone way over my budget and feel pretty content!

Anyway, I came early one day to paint the walls.

I chose Behr Rhythmic Blue for the dining/living area and kitchen. It's a light, almost Robin's egg blue that goes really well with both the dark wood on the kitchen cabinets and table and the cement loft ceiling.

For the bedroom wall behind my bed, I chose Behr Squash. It's a really outstanding gold/yellow tone that really worked out better than I expected.

I'm still thinking of painting the bathroom, but I have yet to decide on a color. I have a can of mint green I bought forever ago, but I'm not in love with it. I'm thinking I might go with a deeper green shade--like a grass color.

Anyway, pictures to follow...

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