imma goin' huntin' for some delicious decor

i believe what new york does best is ambience. there are many dining establishments to be found in the east village and otherwise that stress their theme through every plate, drape, and crate.

now, i do not live in nyc (i leave that to my more fabulous friends e-rock and c-dawg), but i have visited many times--enough times to have chosen favorites, anyway.

one of my favorite of favorites is freeman's. okay, the short is that i've only eaten here twice, but the long is that i think it is gorge malorge and, other than the norweigen apartment i displayed in an earlier post, is my runner-up for the inspiration behind the design i am planning for my new digs.

i like to refer to freeman's style of decor as "hunter chic". it looks like a turn-of-the-century hunting lodge minus the bad red-checkered fleece and amateur bear-themed oil paintings.

par example:



some things i found in our neck of the woods (urban outfitters, etsy) that could help create this at home:


handmade (faux!) bear rug on etsy



antlers as hooks

but the coup de gras:


i love how that chandelier would look with whitewashed walls and nice hardwood floors.

anyway, i found this website that has select items that, if used appropriately (note: not the antler toilet paper holder), can help create the hunter chic affect.

go forth!


The Witching Hour

If you've been to The Violet Hour, then you know how lovely it is decorated. From the velvety curtains to the hanging chandeliers to the wall molding, the place is a feast for the eyes.

some pictures from some michael robinson guy and the violet hour website:




i've been looking for a new couch lately, and i stumbled across this rehabbed vintage couch:



i love the high-back trend. question: who wants to donate $2000 to my couch fund?


"sane people don't wake up one day and decide they're going to kidnap the most famous entertainer in the world"

in case you haven't heard this yet, i'm posting it for easy access.

this episode of this american life, "plan b" is about, what else, but people's plan b when a doesn't work out. the whole episode is pretty good, in general, but the story of the man who tried to kidnap frank sinatra, jr. is really the kicker.

it starts around 27:00.


smoke-and-mirrors boots

"A canvas panel hides in plain sight behind shiny leather to create a magically sleek, calf-high pair rife with texture and interest."


i want them. on sale from $428 to $300--that still breaks the bank.

from anthropologie

jeg elske denne leilighet

i am obsessed with this girl from norway's apartment. i know that black walls are intense, but i think she keeps with the theme well enough to pull them off. of course, part of the reason this all looks so great is that her apartment has phenomenal bones. that molding! those high ceilings!





as you might guess, i have been ebay/etsy/google searching "gilded mirror" and "antique candelabra" for my own new digs come june. 'course i'm not going to go overboard and buy a piano or anything (after i considered the weight issue), but i am using this as a reference point.

taken from apartment therapy. click link for the full post.


An Open Letter to Karen O.


Dear Karen,

May I call you Karen? I figured I could drop the "O." since I've been up, down, backwards, and forwards in obsession with you.

You see, Karen, in college, I cut my hair, sported fingerless gloves, and wore fishnet stockings with holes in them just to be like you. I dressed like you for Halloween. Guess what. No one knew I was dressed up! Ha, Karen! LOL, Karen! I saw you in concert numerous times...what's that, Karen? You didn't see me? That's too bad. My college self would be very distraught.

I even came thisclose to getting that same damn tattoo. Thank goodness I didn't, Karen! You know why?


That's right. And to be honest, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings writing it all in caps with that gratuitous extra exclamation point. I guess I just got a little carried away.

Look, Kar, it's not the worst album ever made. I'm sure some people love select disco-y dance numbers (even though newcomers MGMT are doing it better). It's just that you set the bar so high! Everything leading up to it was promising--I loved "Show Your Bones". The EP released a bit before this album, "Is Is", was fantastic.

So, what happened? Nick's licks are mere tongue flutters. The lyrics are dry and one-dimensional. "Off with your head, d-d-dance 'til you're dead"? Puh-lease. And those fluffy, soft, sloooooow songs? Boring with a capital B! Talents aside, I'm annoyed that I paid full price for half an album--why does it consist of half original material and half acoustic covers of the same songs?

I really thought my month would be made with this new album. Back and forth from work--who doesn't like a little sugar in their CD player to make the endless traffic loosen its grip on their sanity?


Your EX EX bff M.

"It's Blitz" album cover via yeahyeahyeahs.com:

The Time I Stalked A Necklace

for the past few months, i have been catching up on t.v. shows that i have missed for one reason or another. one such show is weeds, the dramedy about a marijuana-dealing mama. said mama, played by mary louise parker, does not always wear the most fabulous clothes, but she does have fabulous jewelry. here, as "nancy botwin", she wears one such piece:

nancy botwin

now, i've stalked co-workers, ex-boyfriends, neighbors, etc. but i have NEVER stalked a necklace...

for several months, i clawed through endless websites, scanned aisles of designer jewelry, and even went to joanne fabrics to see if i could fancy myself a homemade version. i met strange men in the dark alleyways of underground indian jewelry factories in the seedy underbelly of new delhi (ed: this is not true). then, one day, i simply googled "weeds necklace" and found a discussion forum of frantic women also in search of this disced wonder.

turns out it costs $600 and is made by new york city thai-indian jewelry maker me&ro

from their website:

given the state of my personal finances and the finances of the world, i couldn't cough up the dough for the real version. i thought maybe i could stomach a fake version i found at forever21:

...and it arrived and it was just okay. i paid $6.80, and it looked like it cost about 1/5 of that to make. the discs were too big, blah blah.

but then(!), i was shopping with my own mama (not the marijuana-dealing kind) this weekend, and i happened to be discussing my necklace trials when i stumbled upon this:

urban outfitters, we're not always best friends. you take thrift store clothes and 'revamp' them and then mark the price up 2000%. i order 2 pairs of shoes from you, and you send me one pair and a package of metallic headbands. fine, fine. you did right by this necklace, though.

victory. it comes in silver and gold, and OBVIOUSLY, i bought both, amounting to a total cost of $56. they aren't identical to ms. botwin's adornment, but this version is very adequate and functional. (and if i lose it, i won't cry into my pillow).